CoCIS hosted the General Manager and Country Manager for ICDL Africa on the 22nd February 2018. The aim of the meeting was for the stakeholders to meet and keep track on what is going on with the ICDL programme at the Centre, exchange new ideas and the attest trends within ICDL, and meet the current cohort of ICDL students under the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship programme. The Ms. Nalubega (Head, Centre for Innovations and Professional Skills Development) representing the Prof. T. Oyanna (Principal, CoCIS) welcomed the ICDL team and other CiPSD members. She then provided Mr. Michael Niyitegeka, (Country Manager, ICDL) the opportunity to provide a brief background on the current status of ICDL in Uganda.

Mr. Etinick Mutinda (General Manager, ICDL Africa) then followed with an overview of ICDL in Africa. He was pleased with the opportunity to visit Makerere University, the Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Uganda and was pleased with the progress shown. During his presentation, he remarked and noted the following;

  1. Makerere University COCIS is a big brand and has been earmarked to be a centre of excellence and reference point for the other training centres.
  2. Government entities should be encouraged to take on ICDL certification as a standard for digital literacy as it is in Kenya and Rwanda.
  3. The need for a core marketing function at the Centre.
  4. Encourage the centres to organize sales workshops on how to unlock the potential of ICDL. E.g. Look out for what the employers want in terms of ICT skills (Digital literacy).

In forge a way forward both teams decided on the need for;

  1. The College to have a dedicated Centre with its own network.
  2. Capacity building for future incoming projects in terms of resources both human and IT hardware/software etc.
  3. Sensitization of top management of about ICDL.
  4. Exploring the potential of ICDL at the University level.

In concluding the meeting, the ICDL team met with several students from the ICDL and MasterCard Foundation Scholarship program in which students provided testimonials. For example;

  1. The students appreciated ICDL, a lot has been learnt. They are able to use their laptops efficiently. It has helped them with their class work in terms of presentation, documentation etc.
  2. ICDL and CoCIS should endeavour to sensitize the Makerere University students and the surrounding community about the benefits of ICDL. Most people are ignorant about it.
  3. The scholars who have found ICDL very useful should market it at their respective Colleges etc.
  4. ICDL is very relevant with/to class work, independence and navigating the internet.