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CIS Block B


Databases Development, Networking, Web Systems

The College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University, is a member of the Oracle Academy Initiative offering Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Oracle Associates acquire a foundation knowledge that will allow them to keep the Oracle database environment running all the time.

They are able to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and fine-tune the Oracle10g database with all the newest features the Oracle10g database offers.

Course Overview

Validate your skills in keeping an Oracle database environment running at maximum efficiency with the Oracle Certified Associate 10g (OCA 10g) Build a Strong Foundation in Database Administration. Oracle certifications are industry-recognized, sought-after credentials that can help you succeed in your IT career. The entry-level OCA 10g certification demonstrates your ability to install, maintain, troubleshoot and fine-tune all aspects of an Oracle database – and is your first step towards more advanced Oracle certifications. OCA covers: Introduction to SQL and Database Administration Fundamentals