Computer Systems Engineering

Candidates will learn to design, implement and maintain computer systems. The modules covered include:

  • Basic electronics
  • Digital Technology
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Computer programming
  • Embedded systems
  • Digital systems design
  • Advanced Computer Maintenance

In each module the students conduct experiments and part of the requirements to complete the course the students work on a relevant industry challenge as their project

Course duration: 10 weeks

  • CCNP writeup

    The CCNP curriculum teaches the advanced skills required to manage end-to-end network infrastructures, and applications deployed on the edge of a network, such as wireless, security, and voice. Additional topics include converged networks, quality of service (QoS), VPNs, and broadband technologies. CCNP integrates next-generation network devices and services engineered to provide wire-speed delivery of concurrent data, voice, video, and wireless services with optimized security. The four semesters are:

    • CCNP 1: Building Scalable Internetworks
    • CCNP 2: Implementing Secure Converged Wide-Area Networks
    • CCNP 3: Building Multilayer Switched Networks
    • CCNP 4: Optimizing Converged Networks

    Obtain Bank deposit slips for fees payments of DFCU Makerere University Branch from the FRONT OFFICE. Account Name: College of Computing and Information Sciences Account Number: 01L2550588800. Present the deposit slips to the Front Office of the College of CIS (Block A) for registration.

    1. Tuition fees for applicants with forged academic documents shall not be refunded.
    2. All payments MUST be completed in one (1) or two (2) intstallments. The first installment MUST BE ATLEAST (50%) of Tuition fees.
    3. There is a fee of Ug shs. 10,000/= for a lost receipt.

    A student shall complete all fees by the end of the 5th week and should possess a clearance form from ACCOUNTS.


    1. A Student who can not continue with his/her studies due to financial/social hardships shall request for withdrawal from the course in writing and address the letter to the HOD.
    2. A student who withdraws from the course without notfifying the HOD in writing shall pay a fine of 25% of the fees before they are re-enrolled.
    3. A student shall not withdraw from the course for more than one year. If withdrawal is longer than one year, he/she shall retake the whole course. Students shall be advised to re-apply and compete afresh with applicants of the subsequent intake.

    Students shall complete the practical project in addition to the weekly assessments.