About Digimation

Over a period of time, Digimation has succeeded in establishing itself with strong educational programs, comprehensive curricula, state-of-the-art facilities and industry trained and experienced professionals as faculty. Today, we are an institute that is recognized for its commitment to excellence, offering high quality programs, a strong professional faculty and a well developed beautiful campus.

Students studying at Digimation enjoy the enthusiastic and engaging learning environment where theory blends beautifully with practical application. Each project that is assigned and undertaken adds real meaning and value to the overall learning from every program. Moreover, the fact that the courses have all been designed by professionals from the industry, result in "employable skills" for our students.
For our students, being a part of a private Higher Education institute holds several advantages. For one, they gain from the personalized yet professional approach to learning animation, gain critical level thinking and are a part of the industry-based learning modules. In other words, our students are ready to be an active contributing member of the Animation Industry as soon as they graduate.
Moreover, Digimation is a professional institute that has a highly personalized approach. Most teaching and support staff will take a keen interest in student development and progress and know the students personally. A diverse student population further enriches the academic experience. We may take an unconventional and creative academic approach, however our results, teaching and research are of the highest academic standards.
The aim of Digimation is to create graduates who are not only academically qualified but also are also ready to be a part of the industry right from Day One. It is our aim to create graduates who can choose to excel in any aspect of the animation industry and to empower our students with advanced knowledge, sound business understanding and the appropriate accredited qualifications.
Frequent guest lectures by industry professionals, active participation in industry events and an exciting blend of teaching and research empowers students to examine and analyze the complex medium of animation. Fast changing, rewarding and extremely exciting, the field of animation offers extensive growth and generous rewards for well-qualified, capable professionals. And at Digimation, that is what we focus on.
The real essence of Digimation goes well beyond the infrastructure and facilities. The real strength of Digimation is, in fact, the people who make Digimation what it really is –a center of excellence, an institute that is respected and recognized for its achievements and accreditations, an academy that receives animation students and sends out professionals designed to succeed.