International Computer Driving Licence

This course equips students with confidence to participate in the global digital society; improves the students’ quality of life by gaining a better working knowledge of computers; increases their value in the workplaces by possessing a valuable credential. It is suitable for anyone who wants an Internationally Recognized Certificate in the proficiency of using a Computer. 

Admission Requirements: O’ Level certificate is required.

Duration: Seven (7) Weeks. (Wednesday & Friday 5:00-7:00pm) Board Room one on Level Five. The Intakes are done as follows:

    • Raise the general level of competency in IT.
    • Improve productivity at work.
    • Reduce user support costs.
    • Enable employers to invest more efficiently in IT, and
    • Ensure that best practice and quality issues are understood and implemented.
    • Increase your confidence to participate in the global digital society.
    • Improve the quality of your life by gaining a better working knowledge of computers.
    • Increase your value in the workplace by possessing a valuable credential.
    • Establish a solid range of basic computer skills on which to increase your computer literacy.
    • Internationally Accepted Proof of Competence in the use of a computer.
  • The individual or professional who:
    • Intends to boost their office computer skills.
    • Prefers an International Certificate to a local one,
    • Looking for a job that requires computer proficiency,
    • Wants a promotion,
    • Wants to go for further studies,
    • Intends to travel overseas.
  • The receipt shall not be transferred to another person.
    There is no refund of the tuition fees. However, applications for the change of intake are acceptable within the first week of the intake.
  • For more information, please contact:
    Help desk: Tel:+256-414-540628 Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.