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  • Minister For ICT Uganda Launching Microsoft Innovation Centre

Microsoft Innovation Centre

Message from the Manager

Welcome to Microsoft Innovation Center-Uganda (MIC-Uganda). MIC-Uganda was launched on 23th November, 2011 by the Minister of ICT, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda to act as an engine of accelerating innovative skills development, local software solutions and job opportunity creation. Hence, our signature statement “accelerating students to Jobs, Ideas to Innovations, and Innovations to solutions"

MIC-Uganda operates in a collaborative framework between Microsoft Inc. (Main sponsor), Government of Uganda (Policy), Makerere University (Operations/Host) and UNIDO (Advisory role).


MIC Background:

The advent of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have transformed the way we live and work, creating new opportunities for business and access to information services. However, for one to optimally harness these opportunities there is a need to update a wide range of skills including technical, business and person traits.  Therefore, Microsoft Corporation as a leading technology corporation through her, Local Software Economy (LSE) and Developer Platform Evangelism (DPE) rolled out the Microsoft Innovations Center (MIC) Network as a means of accelerating students to Jobs, Ideas to Innovations, and Innovations to solutions and Solutions to companies.  The Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) are local government organizations, universities, industry organization, software or hardware vendors who partnered with Microsoft with a common goal to foster the growth of local software economies. These are state of art technology facilities which are open to students, professional software developers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academic researchers. While each Center tunes its programs to local needs, they all provide similar content and services designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate local software economies through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation. The core areas of focus in the MIC network include;

  • Skills and Intellectual Capital: The Skills Accelerator focuses on intellectual capital and people enablement with software, business management and marketing courses, software development courses, and employment programs for students.
  • Business and Industry Partnerships: The Partnership Accelerator focuses on enabling successful partnerships by connecting people and organizations in the innovation ecosystem. The MICs do this by offering programs on partnering with Microsoft, and by cultivating local and regional industry alliances that support the growth of software ‘industry clusters’ and software quality assurance programs.
  • Solutions and Innovation: The Innovation Accelerator focuses on enhancing local capacity for innovation through hands on engagements. This includes labs for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), start ups, partners, students, and entrepreneurs Microsoft Innovation Centers Scope of work

Get involved.

We're looking for volunteers of ideas, business and technical mentor-ship. If you’re an organization and you have any business process automation need drop us an e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you're a researcher and you would like a technical team to help you realize your ideas we're more than ready to support you. If you're a start-up and looking for partners to give you and edge or a head start, then MIC-Uganda is the ideal place to start your journey to greatness.