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Dr. Agnes Rwashana Semwanga holds a PhD (Computer Science), MSc. in Computer Science, BSc. Education (Mathematics, Chemistry) all from Makerere University, Uganda. She is currently the Deputy Principal of the College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University and previously headed the Department of Information Systems.

Agnes started her career as a researcher and lecturer in Makerere University in 2004 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Systems where she teaches courses in Information Systems and majors in modeling and simulation. She has participated in the development and revision of curricula for the Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs for the College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University and Moi University as well as other units such as the Uganda Management Institute (Distance Learning Program) and the PhD Program in Agriculture and Rural Innovation for the Faculty of Agriculture, Makerere University. Agnes has supported other institutions as an external examiner both locally (Kyambogo University, Uganda Christian University and Islamic University in Uganda), in the region at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology and as a visiting lecturer in Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

Agnes is actively involved in research that promotes the advancement of Systems Thinking sponsored by the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research and participated in the development of Systems Thinking Case Study materials with John Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Together with faculty she has participated in the winning of several grants by WHO and NORHED. In addition, Agnes is passionate about Gender and is currently overseeing the gender activities for the WIMEA-ICT and HITRAIN NORHED projects.

Her main areas of research are: System Dynamics, Simulation and Modeling, Health Informatics, Information Systems, ICT for Gender and Sustainable Development. She has supervised several students both at undergraduate and graduate level. Agnes has conducted various research resulting in publications in reputable international journals and books and also presented papers in several conferences.

Selected Publications

  1. Semwanga RwashanaA., Nakubulwa, S., and Adam, T. (2016). Applying a system dynamics modelling approach to explore policy options for improving neonatal health in Uganda. Health Research Policy and Systems 2016, 14:35.
  2. Rwashana Semwanga A., Nakubulwa, S., Nakakeeto-Kijjambu, M. and Adam, T. (2014) Advancing the application of systems thinking in health: Understanding the dynamics of neonatal mortality in Uganda. Health Research Policy and Systems 2014, 12:36.
  3. Iremaut M. and Semwanga A. R.  (2015). A Qualitative Model for School Drop Outs in Uganda using System Dynamics Modeling. African Journal of Computing  & ICT. Vol 8:4 (189-200)
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  5. Odit M.C.A, Kituyi G.M, Rwashana A.S. and Ochara, N. M. Alignment of Information Systems to Strategy in the Health Sector Using a Systems Dynamics Approach. SAICSIT2014, September 29 - October 01 2014, Centurion, South Africa. ACM 978-1-4503-3246-0/14/09.
  6. Ndindwa, J.J., Semwanga, R. A, Ramadhan R. (2014). Designing of Information System Framework (ISF) for Digitized Referral Appointment System (DRAS): Case study of Tanzania. Information, Communication Science and Engineering Vol.5, No.10, 2014. ISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2863 (Online)  .
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  3. B. Kanagwa, J. Nabukenya, A R. Semwanga, J. S. Otim. A Model for Facilitating Uganda to a Preferred BPO Destination in the Region. Presented at the 8th Annual International conference on Computing and ICT Research. ICCIR 2012
  4. Sooka, C. and Rwashana, A.S. (2011). Modeling the Dynamics of Maternal Healthcare in Uganda: A System Dynamics Approach. World Journal of Modeling and Simulation. 7(3):163-172. ISSN 1746-7233.
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  7. Rwashana A.S. and Williams, D.W. (2008). System Dynamics Modeling in Healthcare: The Ugandan Immunization System. International Journal of Computing and ICT Research. Special Issue October, 2008. pp 85-98. ISSN 1996-1065.
  8. Rwashana, A.S. and Williams, D.W. (2008). Modelling the Dynamics of Immunization Healthcare Systems: The Ugandan Case Study. Proceedings of the 26th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 20-24 July, 2008, Athens, Greece. ISBN 978-1-935056-00-3.
  9. Rwashana, A.S. and Williams, D.W. (2007).Is Immunization Demand Equal to Immunisation Coverage? Proceedings of the 25th International System Dynamics, 29 Jul-2 Aug 07, Boston, USA. System Dynamics Society. ISBN 978-0-9745329-7-4.
  10. Rwashana, A.S. and Williams, D. W. (2007). Enhancing Immunization Coverage through Health Information Systems : A System Dynamics Approach. Studies in Health Technology Informatics. 130:247-56. ISSN 09726-9630.

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