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CoCIS Students/Staff meet New Vision Group

24 January 2017
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Students from the College of Computing and IS met with Mr. Linus Wamanya (Innovations Desk Officer) and Mr. Frank Kabushenga (Accountant, Editorial Dept.) from the New Vision Group team together with Mr. Paul Bakaki (Lecturer, Team Leader) and Grace Kamulegeya (Lecturer, Business mentor) from the College to do a demo presentation and discuss the way forward regarding the ERP system they are developing for New Vision Group.

The ERP System is an editorial and design house enterprise resource planning management and monitoring system. The software developed will let a user sign on to different systems and applications using the same password. The software will make it easy for New Vision Group to control and keep track of which systems and resources each user has access to and provides consistent standards for creating and changing passwords.  But the major aim of this project is to improve on: 


  • Quick production of contributions and reporters’ performance reports across the board.
  • Quick processing of transport facilitation for reporters with clear indication on amount based on destination.
  • Enhance productivity due to universal cost and expense sharing within staff.
  • High and easy fraud detection within the company.
  • Detection of staff performance and place of assignment.


  • Effectively monitor usage of facilitation rate cards across content gathering SBUs.
  • Ensure value for money for every commissioned assignment with their respective facilitation.
  • Ease appraisal which can be done at one minute.


  • Save on paper usage, by adopting an online requisition system to replace the current system that involves manually signing on papers.
  • Ensure that standard rates for contributions payment and facilitation are correctly applied across the board. This will save money by checking errors and the exorbitant rates paid out.
  • Offer official story count commission per story/picture, video and audio published on TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and online publications.

Upon conclusion of the presentation all the parties agreed that by 30th Jan 2017 the system should be up to date and running. All changes that were recommended e.g.  the notifications and reports summary per section should be fully operational before the system is officially handed over to New Vision.

Charles Funa

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