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Monday, 06 March 2017 00:00

Interaction Series

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The software systems center is organizing a series of interactions with key IT/Software industry leaders. The aim of  the presentations is to provide a platform  where research meets industry. In these presentations the guests  discuss challenges, progress and status on pressing Software/IT industry issues. The researchers identify research gaps and partner with the industry to address these gaps. The guests are carefully selected based on exposure and practical experiences. The first presentation is by:

Mr Vijay Kamumuru - Managing Director of Sybyl Ltd (formerly Computer Point LTD),

10th March 2017 @ 11 am SCIT Conference Room (Block A). 

If you want to improve your understanding of IT/Software Industry, if you are looking for practical research problems in IT/Software, if you arelooking for industry partners in IT/Software or if your looking for something related to software/IT/Research and industry then be there on 10th March 2017.

About the Software Systems Center (SSC)- The software systems center (formerly Software Engineering Research Group) is research outfit that seeks to conduct empirical/practical research & innovations in the areas of software engineering and related disciplines. Empirical research is based on actual industry practice and therefore  SSC has strong and continues to build strong industry partnerships  of mutual interest. Please find SSC  at  CIT,  Block B, Level 3 for more details.

We are aiming at manageable audiences to facilitate in-depth discussions between researchers and the industry leaders. Please confirm your attendance by replying to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. such that we can plan for you. Thank you.

CoCIS Monthly Digest Volume 3 Issue 1 Feb 3 2017

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 00:00

EASLIS Ph.D Student Research Seminar

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The EASLIS PhD Student Research Seminar was held on the 9th February 2017. It brought together EASLIS Ph.D students, EASLIS and SCIT academic staff members, and the general public.  The Principal, Prof. Constant Okello-Obura opened the workshop and notably thanked Prof. Maria Musoke and colleagues for teaming up with the Ph.D students and organizing the seminar. He also encouraged the presenters to brace themselves and embrace the criticism they would receive from their fellow researchers and colleagues.

THE Ph.D student’s research papers were on various topics in reference to the theme: Perspectives on Developments in Library and Information Science.  Each presenter was given approximately fifteen (15) minutes to present their research paper before getting feedback from the discussants and other participants. Some of the feedback from participants to the Ph.D students was about encouraging them to do additional research, how to improve their presentations, and how to take ownership and defend their research papers. The criticism and feedback from the discussants was well received and appreciated by the Ph.D student’s especially since some were presenting for the first time.

In closing the seminar, Prof. Maria Musoke, kindly requested that more similar seminar’s be organized and thanked all the presenters and discussants for providing time to attend.

For additional details on the EASLIS seminar please contact Mr.Edward Mukiibi, Ph.D Class Coordinator (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: 0772191418).

Monday, 27 February 2017 00:00

67th Makerere University Graduation

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The Makerere University 67th graduation ceremony took place between the 21st and 24th February 2017 and had a total of Fourteen thousand four hundred and ninety-seven (14,897) graduates. Of these, 46% were female, 54% were male graduates, and a total of Two hundred and sixty-one (261) were awarded First class degrees.

The College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS) presented its students for graduation on 22nd Feb 2017 totaling One thousand three hundred and sixty-eight (1,368), of which two (2) were PhD’s.  The College also had the best performing student in the Science based disciplines, Mr. Rogers Mukalele. He scored a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 4.91 and received a First Class Honours Degree in Bachelor of Information Technology.  In addition to the degree he also received a plaque, UGX. 1,000,000/=, and souvenirs from the Makerere University Convocation.

During his speech, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sentamu Ddumba highlighted some of the College’s achievements over the past year. He noted that the College of Computing and Information Sciences, through the work of the Artificial Intelligence Researchers, continues to innovate mobile applications in various areas. The College has also participated in the design and prototyping of an Automatic Weather Station (AWS), as well as installation of the second generation Automatic Weather Stations in South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, under a project on Weather Information Management in East Africa. The project seeks to advance all aspects of meteorology in the East African region. The College also produced a book authored by Professor Maria. N. Musoke titled “Informed and Healthy: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on the Value of Information to Health Care.” The book focuses on the value attributed to information by users and its effect on health care.

In conclusion, he congratulated the graduates, members of staff as well as children, spouses and relatives of staff graduating on that day, and thanked parents and guardians of the graduates for being a part of this journey.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017 00:00

Research Management Workshop

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The two day workshop was organized to provide SCIT PhD students with an insight into research strategies, get a better understanding of the Supervisor/Student Relationship, and an opportunity for Ph.D students to present their research papers.

The workshop was officially opened by the Principal of the College, Prof. Constant Okello-Obura, who said that “colleagues and all PhD students should ensure that they follow the University guidelines regarding attaining and retaining a Ph.D”. He also encouraged PhD students upon completion to have at least published an article or literature review and wished them successful deliberations during the workshop.

Visiting from the Netherlands was Prof. Henk G. Sol a Professor of Business Engineering and ICT at Groningen University. He proceeded to do a presentation on Navigating in the Sea of Information Specifically Design Science and Engaged Research while giving opportunity to other PhD students to also present their research papers. Some of the presentations included (refer to attached pdf);

  • Visual-Based Traffic Flow Congestion Prediction and Speed Estimation from Image Sequence by Rose Nakibuule
  • Geospatial Predictive Model for Epidemiological outbreak: A case of Ebola by Kamukama Ismail
  • Public Participatory GIS model for e-Govt service delivery: A case of Solid Waste Management by Arinaitwe Irene
  • Enhancing Maternity and Postnatal Care Decisions Among Pregnant Women by Hasifah Kasujja

During the presentations and Q/A sessions participants provided positive criticism that was well received and in closing, Prof. Henk G. Sol thanked and appreciated all that transpired over the two days and was looking forward to more similar workshops in the future.

ICDL the world's leading computer skills certification has identified the necessary ICT skills that ascertain that someone is competent to use a computer e.g. Computer Essentials, Online Essential, Word Processing, SpreadSheets etc. ICDL has many Accredited Training Centers (ATC’s) worldwide and in Uganda, the College of Computing and IS (Makerere University) is one of the recognized ATC’s.

Recently ICDL Africa sponsored 3 trainers from the College to undergo an ICDL Training the trainer workshop. The ICDL instructors were trained in a wide range of modules including Computer Essentials, Word Processing, IT Security etc. A one day workshop was then organized and held on the 27th January 2017, the objective was to follow up on the just held Train the trainer workshop and also discuss;

  • ICDL Training (A Trainers Perspectives and Experiences).
  • ICDL in the Region and the Rest of the World: Principles, Practices and Lesson.
  • The Future of ICDL in Uganda.
  • Recommendations on the Adoption of ICDL as a Basic Tool for ICT Literacy in Uganda.

During the workshop presentations were made by Ms. Grace Lubega and Mr. Christopher Kaddu who are certified ICDL instructors at the Collège. They shared with the participants their ICDL experiences and best practices as trainers of ICDL. Mr. Michael Niyitegeka (ICDL, Uganda Country Manager) also participated in the workshop by updating the participants on the current trends that ICDL is embracing e.g. Digital Citizen and Digital Citizen Plus that have been specifically designed for people lacking basic ICT skills.

In conclusion, the general consensus by all participants in the workshop was that they would endeavor to increase the awareness and importance of digital literacy in Uganda and emulate the efforts being undertaken by ICDL in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 00:00

Research Management Workshop

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The Research Management Workshop that is aimed at enhancing the research skills of graduate students whilst enabling supervisors to share knowledge and experience in their journey of graduate supervision.

PhD students will present their work, selected supervisors will talk about research methodology coupled with addressing student-supervisor relationships and expectations.

This workshop is scheduled to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2017, 8:00am-17:00pm.

The venue will be CoCIS Conference room (Block A, 4th Floor). 

Refer to the attached for the Workshop programme and additional details.

Monday, 30 January 2017 00:00

EASLIS - PhD. Public Seminar

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East African School of Library & Information Science is having a PhD. Student Research Public Seminar on Thursday, 9th February 2017 at the College of Computing and IS, Block A, Level 4 Conference Room starting at 8:30 am.

Please refer to the attached for details. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 00:00

Principal meets with the CoCIS Student Leadership

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The Principal (Prof. Constant Okello-Obura) met with student leaders from the College of Computing and IS to discuss several issues. Some of the issues addressed were;

  1. How the College can better assist the students in effectively preparing for the upcoming exams (i.e. issuance of exam permits, release of the exams timetable etc.)
  2. The state of the College in regards to its infrastructure and how it affects student welfare. Though it should be noted that there has been significant improvement.
  3. Preparations for the next Semester student activities as the current student leadership prepares to hand over.
  4. Prospects and opportunities that can be provided to students that will be graduating from the College. (i.e. internship/job opportunities).
Tuesday, 24 January 2017 00:00

The 67th Graduation Ceremony

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The 67th Graduation Ceremony will take place from Tuesday 21st February 2017 to Friday 24th February 2017.

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