Best student in all Science courses at Makerere University

Aine receiving the award from Chair Person University Council Eng. Charles Wana EtyemBRIAN Aine graduated on 22nd January 2016 as the Best Student in all Science courses at Makerere University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. (CGPA of 4.85 out of 5).

Mr. Aine was admitted on Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2012. He registered with the University within the first two weeks of the first semester of academic year 2012/2013 as required by the University. Studies began later in September 2012 and at the end of that first semester, Mr. Aine scored a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 5.0 out of 5. Since then, he has always recorded and average GPA of 4.74 till he finished the last semester in May 2015. The resultant CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) after the 3 years was 4.85 (The Best in Sciences that year)

From Monday-to-Friday Aine used to wake up at 06:00am, to prepare for the day and by 07:30am, he is in class ready for the 08:00am O’clock lectures.
In his free time between lectures, he used to hold discussions with friends and Group Members (The Famous Group 30). Several students used to invite him to discuss for them especially the practical course units like Programming, Database Management Systems, Linux among others.

His academic day would end at 05:00PM. From 05:15PM-to-07:00PM, it was strictly Sports time. Aine is a Sports fanatic who particularly likes Athletics. In fact, he used to do jogging every evening or cover some laps (10-25 laps) at the Makerere Sports Grounds. Together with friends, they would stretch their muscles a bit and loosen up just to keep fit physically and mentally.

Finalist Dinner Aine 3rd from leftSaturday was always a day of Group Discussions. (Discussions ranging from CourseWork to Going through Past Papers and the Discussing the Notes given in Class among other discussion materials). The Discussions were usually held at Precious Marie Courts Hostel (Famously known as PMC). This was the so called home of Group 30 Members (BRIAN Aine, INNOCENT Gumisiriza, IVAN Musoke, KELLEN Ndamira, KENNETH Katusabe, LILLIAN Mbabazi, MAURICE Mugisha, MATTHEW Matovu, MEDDIE Mawejje,  MELISA Ntongo)

NOTE: “Group 30 produced 6 of the 15 First Class Degrees in Information Technology on the 66th Graduation” After all the Discussions, it would be FIFA time (Computer-Soccer Game). Mr. Aine was also a Star in FIFA. Friends can testify. Sunday was always Church in the morning usually at St. Augustine Makerere, thereafter it was always time to visit friends and family.

Aine likes socializing and engaging in social activities like playing friendly soccer games, going to the beach with friends, Church activities and many more.
Aine would never miss a class Beach Bash at the end of each Semester. “It was always fun.” He says.

Aine with his parentsIn a nut shell, what led to your successful academic life at Makerere University?
Having the best parents (Mr and Mrs Tibanyendera Basil) and Sibblings (Harry and Brenda); Having the best friends (Especially Group 30); Having the best lecturers; Doing the best course (Dream Course); But above all, the glory goes to the Almighty God, He is the only one who made everything possible.

Final Remarks to other students; Always Believe in God, believe in yourself, and don’t be a “book worm”. Engage in other non academic activities. (Remember! “Work without play Makes [….] a dull boy/girl”)

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