By: Jacky Achan

Tech innovators undertaking an incubation challenge at Makerere University have been braved to first understand client needs before leaping into new software development in their field of specialization.

Michael Niyitegeka an ICDL Africa Accreditation Consultant for Uganda (a world leading computer skills certification institution) says the innovator must always be in sync with client needs for their newly developed software’s to get a good reception in the market.

“Many times we spend a lot of time developing technology for an imaginary client, spend a lot of time in building applications, building softwares all for a consumer that does not exist in real life or if the consumer exists the need is totally different,” he said.

Niyitegeka is an expert in Leadership Development, and Business Technology Strategy with a cumulative 16 years working experience in private and public sectors.

He says the time wastage risks calls for innovators to be more engaging with clients and were an agreement is reached the technology will follow in form of software development.

30 ICT students from Makerere, Kyambogo, Mbarara and Kampala International Universities are undertaking a Mendix software development challenge at Makerere University’s College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS).

The training that takes ten weeks is conducted annually so as to empower the students with different skills they can use to engage clients in the entrepreneurship world of technology and this involves software development.

Niyitegeka says the innovators need to first engage their clients and fully understand their need and their chances of undertaking the job.

“For me, if my chances of doing the job after consulting with a client is above 70 percent I will invest my time, If its open competition I have other things to work on,” he says.

Niyitegeka broadly shared ideas on how the innovators undertaking the Mendix challenge at Makerere can engage their clients and understand their need before they go into developing technology.

Mendix is a rapid tool for software development that does not use a lot of codes. $10m has been set aside by its parent company Mendix USA and Mansystems Netherlands to improve its applicability on PCs, mobile and tablets.

The training is being supported by Mansystems, Mendix, Smile communications and Makerere University’s CoCIS.

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