By: Jacky Achan

Upcoming innovators in the Information Technology (IT) world have been counselled to properly manage changes they introduce into businesses in Uganda and beyond if their innovations are to become successful in different markets.

Hellen Nabusindo Swinnerstone the Chief Executive Officer Trends System East Africa Ltd, based in Kampala Uganda, appealed to ICT students undertaking a Flock of Birds Summer School Training at Makerere University.

“First when you introduce the product the first response from a client is of doubt, then a later a willingness to adopt, learn and put to use,” she says.

Nabusindo says besides introducing the new systems to the client, the innovators must be able to effectively communicate and manage people who are to use their invention.

“The problem is as innovators we tend to train the managers and leave out the actual workers who are going to use the system, yet we know they may not communicate correctly. Therefore it’s upon us to train, follow-up, look for the gaps and coach to ensure the system is well utilized and is a success,” she adds.

Nabusindo explained IT is now driving businesses and rallied the young innovators to equally give long term warranties to their clients to ensure that they fully help them learn how the acquired system works and grow in business.

The students from Makerere, Kyambogo, Mbarara and Kampala International Universities are undertaking a Mendix software development challenge at Makerere University’s College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS).

The training that takes ten weeks is now in in its sixth week. It is conducted annually so as to empower the students with different skills they can use to engage clients in the entrepreneurship world of technology and this involves software development.

Mendix is a rapid tool for software development that does not use a lot of codes. $10m has been set aside by its parent company Mendix USA and Mansystems Netherlands to improve its applicability on PCs, mobile and tablets.

The training is being supported by Mansystems, Mendix, Smile communications and Makerere University’s CoCIS.

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