Assoc. Prof. Maiga Gilbert

Assoc. Prof. Maiga Gilbert


Dean SCIT, Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, School of Computing and Informatics Technology, College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University.

Academic Qualifications
Ph.D. in Information Systems Makerere University, Kampala (2005 – 2009), Master of Computer Science, Makerere University, Kampala (2002 – 2004), Diploma in Comp. Systems design, West London College UK ( 2000- 2001), Master of Science (Physiology), University of Nairobi, Kenya (1989 – 1992) Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Makerere University, Uganda (1983 – 1988)

Research and Scholarships

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Makerere University (2012– 2014). The research was on the Adoption of Telemedicine for Healthcare in Remote Settings: A Context-based Test of the Technology Acceptance Model.

Graduate (Ph.D.) research work focused on: “An Evaluation Framework for Large Scale Ontology-based Biomedical Data Integrated Systems”. The study developed a framework for the evaluation of large-scale data integration ontologies. It provides a reference model, tool, and metrics for assessing biomedical ontology and enabling practitioners to select a suitable biomedical ontology for a task, from among alternatives.

Masters Project in Computer Science (2004) was about Information Systems Integration in HIV AIDS Management. It was undertaken as part of the MSc. Course (2004).

Master’s thesis in Animal Physiology (1992) My Research was focused on the role of myofibrillar ATPase and thyroid hormones in the development of thermoregulation in the domestic fowl, Gallus domesticus. It was done at the University of Nairobi (1990 – 1991)