By: Prossy Tulinomubezi

Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS) staff  have discussed ways of corporating with The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) so as to incorporate their work in boosting the agriculture sector.

Dr. Moses Osiru, Deputy Executive Secretary RUFORUM says they offer various opportunities to member universities and also support the various roles that universities play in contributing to the well‐being of small‐scale farmers and economic development of countries throughout the sub‐ Saharan Africa region.

“We modify the way they train students and do research, links universities and institutions to sources of funds and warrants that students finish on time. We also intend to see how Makerere University work with other universities to strengthen them since our major target is to bring more universities together,” he remarked .

RUFORUM also has an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Program and a granting mechanism that focuses on strengthening the ICT capacity and supporting member universities to effectively connect to ICT opportunities which exploited, CoCIS can momentously benefit from it.

“Our programs supports member universities to implement technology-mediated learning, teaching and research, create and use open educational resources, and above all using ICT to publish and disseminate agricultural information and knowledge effectively,” Osiru added.

Dr. Paul Nampala, Program Manager-Grants RUFORUM says they also enhance networking and close cooperation, inform curriculum development, build outreach and engagement platforms for increased reach, address commodity value as well as a vibrant platforms that links universities to non-academic stake holders at the National and International levels which opportunities may be of value to CoCIS.

“We work with institutions and universities dealing in processes like research, procedures, teaching methods, research outreach and community engagement using different categories of competitive grants which help in putting up development projects for member universities,” he said 

Dr. Evelyn Kigozi-Kahiigi addressing visitors on behalf of the college thanked RUFORUM for exposing the college to such an animated opportunity. “We appreciate this opportunity and the next time you will come here will not be for training but to address us basing on the proposal we are going to write,” said Kahiigi.

The RUFORUM Secretariat views ICT as a strategic tool for effectively servicing the growing membership and it strives to ensure that ICT opportunities are used by the network to rationalize training and research infrastructure.

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